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1 : references

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2 : key research material


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literary works – with a theme of personal loss and remoteness

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3 : materials & items

lead : box lid, vintage paint tubes, telephone

black bamboo : clothes prop

brass : on vintage wooden ruler, candlestick, wire, vintage weights

wood : boxes, vintage dolls house walls, vintage furniture, toilet, stairs, bird

glass : containers, pages of book, spheres, mirror, egg timer

feathers : quill pen, dress x 2, bed

bumble bee : in gold pot

silk : velvet dress, bow tie

gold : goldleaf, dragonfly, gold in alembic 

silver : lid, eggcup, jet jewellery

salt crystals : (pink, white, black), egg timer

soap : black charcoal bar, striped bar

paint : in lead tubes

clear oil : lamp

pearl beads : in alembic

egg : in glass alembic

paper & cardboard : vintage letter, postage box, columns, notebook, songbook, plans, instructions, diagram

linen : black dress, wrapping on 2000 yr old Judean pot handle, house on stilts

leather : book covers

wax : candle, wax seal for alembics, house on stilts

plastic & acrylic : toilet, shelf, box, basin, specimens, snake

stoneware : cycladic figure, ancient pot handle, pestle & mortar

plaster : white body

wicker & reed : baskets

marble : pestle & mortar, slab

water : ice

tin : vintage tobacco tin

iron & steel : wire, vintage compasses, mesh, vintage decorator’s combs

cherry stalks : in basket 

modelling clay : figure in bath

black treacle : in bath

cotton : cushions & bedding, knitted blankets, glazed cotton dress

grass from a special burial site : in alembic

4 : supplementary info

I was volunteering at an archeological dig at Magdal next to The Sea of Galilee in 2013 where Mary Magdalene allegedly originated. This pot handle was the first time I pulled out an artefact that was 2000 years old, untouched from that time until I held it.

Jet pieces were picked up on the beach near Whitby where I used to live. It’s a fossilised Monkey Puzzle tree popular in jewellery. The jewellery was kindly made as a gift by my friend, Mo Bellamy in 1989. He called these The 3 Mascara Tears because I cried at lot back then after a breakup.

All the white feathers were found close together in the park the morning I made this piece, August 2021: it looked like a predator had caught this young fledgling. I took her beautiful young feathers for a tiny bed and then respectfully fashioned a spirit dress.

The beautiful dead Bee was found laying in front of me on the path while walking my dog in the park the afternoon I was making this piece, August 2021.

A huge 10-12cm Emperor Dragonfly flew into my house while working on this. He is honoured by the tiny gold dragonfly, a gift from my Quetzal Sister, Karan, 35 years ago.

Tiny pieces of pure Gold are in a little glass alembic: my son found this while filming on a TV shoot in the Yukon in 2018.

The grass is from the site where my mother’s ashes were placed in 1964. I didn’t discover the whereabouts until 1998.

The cherries were a lovely gift from my friend Geraldine, grown in her garden this Summer and made into a crumble.

The stoneware Cycladic figure was a gift made by my studio potter friend, Edith Raaby in 1992.

I made the glass-paged prayer book in 1995, part of the installation ‘In Vitro’. Mary Bartlett kindly guided me through the gold lettering process at the bookbinding workshop on the Dartington Estate.

The bedding, knitted blankets, cushions, dresses, coathangers were all made by me as the work progressed.

The tiny glass alembics are made from xmas tree decorations, sealed with wooden plugs, linen, wax and copper wire.

The songbook is a 1924 edition of Rabindranath Tagore’s ‘Gitanjali’, which I found for £1 in a charity shop just as I started this work. I took this as a great ‘hint’ due to his early influence on the Elmhirst’s and Dartington. I had decided to name this work Considered Whispers before I found this songbook, but the first Song is named ‘Early in the Day it was Whispered’.

The vintage dolls house stuff and all other random vintage ephemera has been bought or found over many years in charity shops, junk shops, car boot sales and the sales area at my local recycling centre. 

The small wooden box with writing on it was bought for a shekel in Israel in 2013. I was quite unwell and started writing in a huge 10-day winter storm. I wrote 30, 000 words. This box was decorated with some of that writing and sealed with clear nail polish, which was all I had to hand. I keep the ancient Judean pot handle in it, wrapped in old linen.


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